Advanced PKPD Course Sils-Maria 2020

Sunday March 29 through Friday April 3

Because of concerns about SARS-CoV-2 infection (the cause of covid-19 respiratory disease) the Advanced PKPD Course planned for March 29 – April 3 has been postponed until 2021. The course organizers and tutors apologise to all participants for the change.

The workshop will now be postponed to next year – Sunday 21st to Friday 26th March 2021.  Please let Irene Sung know ([email protected])if you would like to remain registered.  If you wish to cancel then please inform her by 31st March.  If she does not hear from you by this date she will roll your registration forward to next year.

An advanced course presenting aspects and applications of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and kinetic/dynamic data analysis in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

For whom intended:
The Course is designed for those who have a good working knowledge of basic concepts in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and data analysis and who now wish to extend their knowledge further. Emphasis will be placed on relating pharmacokinetics to underlying physiological processes and to pharmacodynamics, and on the analysis and modelling of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data.

Course content: 
The mornings will be devoted to lectures; the late afternoons to small-group workshops led by experienced tutors, in which participants will solve practical problems and develop facility with the techniques and approaches discussed in the lectures. The participants are encouraged to raise questions from their experience for discussion: time is specifically reserved for informal consultations.

Course manual: 
A course manual, comprising lecture outlines, derivations, problem sets with answers, and additional reading material will be provided in an electronic format.

This is not a computer modelling training course. There are no computer exercises. However, participants should come with a scientific hand calculator or notebook computer.

Ability to understand and converse in English is essential.

Registration and Local Details:


Registration fee before 21st February 2020 is CHF4455 Swiss Fr per person. Registration after this date will be the full fee amount CHF4950

Registration fee on or after 21st February 2020 is CHF4950 Swiss Fr per person.

Register By Clicking Here

Registration places are limited. Early booking is recommended. To guarantee a place on the workshop, all fees must be paid in full within 20 working days upon receipt of an email or a fax confirmation from us that a place has been reserved for you up until 9th February 2020, and 14 workings days thereafter. In the event of cancellation of a place and provided that written notice is received prior to 26th February 2020, a refund of 70% of the total fee will be made. Cancellation after that date will result in no refund. However, name substitutions could be accepted by fax or email seven days prior to the event.The Workshop is limited to 60 applicants only. Ability to understand and converse in English is essential. A limited number of places, at a reduced fee, are available to academic persons. Further details are available upon request to [email protected]

Once you have successfully registered on the course, you will receive the bank transfer details in order to pay for your workshop attendance.

The 2020 Workshop starts at 1800 hrs Sunday 29th March 2020 and finishes at 1230 hrs Friday 3rd April 2020.

Hotel Waldhaus (5 star), Sils-Maria, Engadin Valley, Switzerland. A picturesque and tranquil setting close to St. Moritz. The hotel has an indoor swimming pool, sauna and indoor tennis court.

Accommodation will be available through the nights of course duration at Hotel Waldhaus. Each room has a private bathroom. The costs of accommodation and all meals are included in the Workshop.

The early afternoons are free for personal pursuits.

The Engadin Valley is readily reached by car. For those coming by air or rail there are regular trains to Sils-Maria from Zurich via Chur. Exact details and timetables can be found at

A car park is available within the grounds of Hotel Waldhaus.

TIMETABLE (Preliminary Version – subject to change)

Sunday 29th March

18:00                           Welcome and pick-up manual

19.00                           Dinner

Monday 30th March

08:45-09:00                Introduction (Leon Aarons)

09:00-10:15                Lecture 1 – Empirical Pharmacokinetics (Leon Aarons)

10:15-10:45                Coffee

10:45-12:00                Lecture 2 – Pharmacodynamic Principles (Steve Duffull)

12:30-14:00                Lunch

15:00-16:00                Consultation (optional)

16:00-19:00                Workshop I – Empirical PK/PD Principles

19:00                           Reception

19:30                           Dinner

Tuesday 31st March

09:00-10:15                Lecture 3 – Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics (Leon Aarons)

10:15-10:45                Coffee

10:45-12:00                Lecture 4 – PKPD Principles (Nick Holford)

12:30-14:00                Lunch

15:00-16:00                Consultation (optional)

16:00-19:00                Workshop II – PBPK/PKPD Principles

19:30                           Dinner

Wednesday 1st April

09:00-10:15                Lecture 5 – Nonlinear regression (Leon Aarons)

10:15-10:45                Coffee

10:45-12:00                Lecture 6 – Population PKPD – Models & methods (Mats Karlsson)

12:30-14:00                Lunch

15:00-16:00                Consultation (optional)

16:00-19:00                Workshop III – Nonlinear regression/Population PK

19:30                           Dinner

Thursday 2nd April

09:00-10:15                Lecture 7 – Population PKPD – Modelling (Mats Karlsson)

10:15-10:45                Coffee

10:45-12:00                Lecture 8 – Disease Progression Principles (Nick Holford)

12:30-14:00                Lunch

15:00-16:00                Consultation (optional)

16:00-19:00                Workshop IV – Population PKPD/Disease Progression Principles

19:30                           Course Dinner

Friday 3rd April

09:00-10:15                Lecture 9 – Optimal design (Steve Duffull)

10:15-10:45                Coffee

10:45-12:00                Lecture 10 – Models for discrete data (Steve Duffull)

12:00                           Lunch